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Fun ways of getting active

Why spend hours in the gym or pounding the pavements when you could be hula hooping or rollerskating your way to weight loss? 


We all know that exercising is good for us. But the problem with getting active is often that ways of doing so seem so boring. The secret is to find something that you genuinely enjoy, as then it won’t feel like a chore.   

If going for a walk, run or a swim doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of other activities that you can try. Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual ways of getting active.  


Rollerskating is a fantastic way of getting active. It strengthens your core, improves your balance, and gives your hips and legs a good workout. And the best part? It’s really fun!  

Rollerskating has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and roller discos and skating clubs have popped up all over the country. Some skating clubs can even loan out equipment, so there’s no need to splash out on skates or safety pads if you’re not sure it’s for you.  

Rock climbing  

Fancy a fun challenge? Rock climbing might be for you. It’s a high intensity activity that’s an exciting way of improving fitness for thrill seekers. Climbing works pretty much your entire body as you use your arms to pull yourself up, your legs to power you upwards and your core to keep you balanced.   

Take on a climbing wall at a climbing gym or climb outdoors if you’re lucky enough to have a good location nearby. You’ll need safety equipment, and it’s always best to climb with trained climbing professionals to show you the ropes and support you on your climbing adventures.   

Hula hooping  

Hula hooping is not just for kids! Using a hula hoop as part of your workout can help to boost your fitness as it requires a lot of work to keep the hoop moving around your middle. Hula hooping improves your balance, strengthens your core, and gives the muscles in your legs a good workout too.   

Using a weighted hoop is a good way of increasing calories burned through hooping, and some studies have even suggested that using a weighted hoop helps you lose inches around your waist. Need a little help to get your technique down? Look for hooping classes near you for a fun group workout.   


Who doesn’t love to dance? Crank up the music and have a blast moving your body! You don’t need anything but your favourite music and a bit of space to enjoy dancing, and if you’ve ever come off the dance floor red-faced and out of breath, you’ll know that dancing can be a real workout.   

Dancing involves your entire body, strengthening muscles, improving your circulation, and boosting your flexibility. If you’re keen to take things beyond your living room, there are plenty of dance classes you could join, from more traditional ones like salsa and jazz to fitness-focused ones like Zumba. 

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