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Why you should ditch fad diets for good

We’re lured in with outlandish promises of quick fix weight loss, often sold by celebrity faces. Here’s why you should step away from the fad diets once and for all.


We’ve all been there before, wanting to lose weight quickly, happy to be told exactly what to eat and when in order to do it.  

The problem with this way of losing weight is that it’s not sustainable. You might lose weight quickly, but chances are as soon as you stop the diet, you’ll notice the pounds creep back on, possibly adding more than before you began. Then you’re left heavier than when you started and grappling with feelings of failure. 

Restricting our eating patterns takes willpower, a finite resource, so it’s little wonder we find it impossible to maintain such stringent changes. Often fad diets aren’t the healthy choice either, asking us to avoid whole food groups, or eat solely one food group. Following this can mean our daily intake is missing important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which are vital for our health and wellbeing. 

When we’re told to avoid or restrict something, it’s human nature to want it more. Cutting out foods we enjoy means we crave them more, setting us up for failure. We don’t want to have to miss out on eating with friends and family because our diet prevents us from sharing meals. That can lead to us feeling isolated and unhappy. 

It’s far better to approach weight loss with a healthy mindset. Learn how food can nourish and fuel your body, make little changes that you can sustain and before you know it you’ll lose weight and keep it off.

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