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How to make healthy eating exciting for the whole family

Time. Budget. Tantrums over new tastes. Getting everyone onboard when you want to change how you all eat can be tricky, but we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to smooth the way.  


It might seem overwhelming, and let’s face it, not every new meal will be a success with every member of your family. It can help to accept it won’t always be perfect, then try some of these simple and realistic steps to help get the whole family excited and onboard with eating healthier.    

Start small    

Rome wasn’t built in a day and overhauling your family meals all at once will likely create some resistance around the dinner table. Remember, change can be tough! So, start small by swapping out one ingredient at a time, making sure there is something on the plate your family will like.   

Don’t forget your favourites   

Every family has their favourite dishes and eating healthier doesn’t mean these have to go. Try to find ways to make healthier versions with simple swaps or extra vegetables.   

Avoid banning things  

Telling someone they can’t have something is only going to make them want it more, and in a family setting this can easily create upset and tension. Instead of making something off limits, try using language like ‘always’ and ‘sometimes’ foods. For example, fruits or vegetables are always a great option after school, but we have fizzy drinks sometimes when it’s a special occasion.    


Cook together   

Cooking together is an excellent opportunity to spend time with your family and get them excited to learn about food. Spending time together cooking a healthy recipe and providing them with positive feedback about how great it tastes is only going to spur them on more!   

Grow it   

Not everyone has green fingers, but a great way to get the family engaged in eating healthy is to grow something. There are easy ways you can do this without loads of outdoor space. Many vegetables like celery, lettuce or green onions regrow when their ends are placed in a cup of water. Or if in doubt, you can’t beat a cress head.    

Make it (look) fun   

If you have younger children, a great way to encourage healthy eating habits is to play with how it looks! Remember, we eat with our eyes first. It doesn’t have to be social media worthy, but you would be surprised how far a cookie cutter and some melon or cucumber slices will get you.  

Eat together

Research has shown that eating as a family has a huge number of benefits. This ranges from encouraging healthier eating habits, to bonding and social development. Not only this, but kids who eat with their families tend to consume more fruit and vegetables. Impressive. Eating together is more than just sitting around the same table. Make mealtimes social and fun rather than entirely focusing on what and how much everyone is eating. 

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