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No gym, no problem: get fit at home

The gym can be a wonderful place filled with inspiration and guidance. But sometimes we can’t make it there, and that’s ok! The good news is there’s plenty we can do in our own homes to keep us fit, strong and working towards our ambitions. 


Flashy machines and expensive equipment aren’t needed to get moving at home. You’ve already got the perfect tool to provide resistance if needed: your body. Here are a few key exercises that use bodyweight to get your blood pumping. 

Dips are simple and target a wide range of body areas. You’ll just need something stable to lean on such as a bed, sofa, or chair.  

  • Stand with the chair/bed/sofa behind you.  
  • Sit down and place your hands behind your hips, lifting your bottom off the seat and walking your feet forwards.  
  • Slowly lower your body downwards, supporting your weight with your arms. Lift your body slowly upwards, still supporting yourself with your arms. Great, you’ve done 1 rep. Now try another 9, then rest and go again for 10.  

Wall squats will help no end if you’re after a pert posterior. They test our endurance and build up strength in the glutes and enhance hip and thigh flexibility.  

  • Stand with your back against a wall and place your feet out in front of you, about the width of two feet apart.  
  • Slide down the wall by bending your knees until they are at a 90° angle.  
  • Now, get ready to feel the burn as your muscles strengthen. Focus on your breath and hold this position for one minute. Take a breather then repeat.  

Incline push-ups aren’t too different from regular push-ups, it’s just they’re done with the body in a slightly elevated position. This takes some pressure off the arms and shoulders. They’re still a great workout for the chest and core.  

  • Stand facing your chair/bed and place your hands on the edge, slightly wider than shoulder width.  
  • Take your feet right back so your body is straight and then lower your chest to the chair or bed and lift upwards with your arms.  
  • Repeat for 10-12 reps to really make the most of your home workout.  

Single leg chair squats test your balance, working your core muscles and your legs without the need for a machine.  

  • Sit on your chair with one foot flat on the ground and the other leg raised.  
  • Slowly stand up straight, keeping your raised leg off the ground, then lower yourself to sit on the chair once again.  
  • Repeat this 10-12 times and then switch legs.  

Your home can be a great place to build your fitness and strength. Try making up circuits in each room and try to alternate how you get to each station:  

  • Jumping jacks in the hall  
  • Walking lunges to living room  
  • Chest dips with the sofa  
  • Skip to bedroom  
  • Incline push-ups with bed   

Don’t forget to add physical challenges when you can. Take the stairs 2 at a time, hold a squat while brushing your teeth and see how many star jumps you can do while the kettle boils.  

Check out reputable trainers on YouTube such as Joe Wicks and FitnessBlender for more activities you can do at home. There are even low impact, quiet workouts for people who live in flats and are weary of causing noise for neighbours!  

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